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Painted ladies having sex

April 8, 2009

Welcome new readers.

One of my favorite ways of describing my childhood in Los Altos is to tell people that the biggest problem we ever encountered there was that we once had too many butterflies.  After the Valentine’s Day Flood of 1986 (when kindergarten got out early), it was 80 degrees and sunny pretty much every day.  The drought was no hardship; I was too young to have known that WASPs expected their lawns to be green all year round.  There was a candy store, a baseball card store and a children’s bookstore within four blocks of my parents house.  Even the 1989 earthquake — although it injured the other fourth grade class’s teacher — only really had the effect of getting us out of school for a bit.  But for a few days in sixth grade, the playground was so thick with migrating painted lady butterflies that we had to cancel recess.

They were back again last week.  And though unfortunately I didn’t see any during my brief stop at home, it’s nice to know that even as everything that made my town a great place to grow up gets replaced with a nail salon, at least this one thing hasn’t changed.

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  1. joc permalink
    September 30, 2009 9:02 pm

    cute. i never saw this one. you ought to write a perspectives on it for kqed.

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