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Regulatory birthday presents

April 1, 2009

I was in “Gay Us” for Spring Break last week, celebrating my birthday with some chick.  Though I fell behind (again) on posting—brace yourselves for a flurry in the next few weeks before finals—I of course for some reason found time to read the local news.  (And no, she hasn’t broken up with me yet).  Val and I spent the day at a bird sanctuary and the evening at an observatory (Canadian for “fancy restaurant with a view”).  Meanwhile, some local government agencies were taking important preliminary steps towards protecting the environment.

The water district called for mandatory cutbacks in water use, which the entire staff of the blog can only hope sparks my parents into reconsidering the need for five separate lawns.  And the Mountain View City Council unanimously approved a sustainability plan.  You can download the whole thing here, but highlights include greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals, green building standards and incentives for retrofitting, and bicycle boulevards.  The city council will still need to make the more difficult decisions to approve and fund the final versions of what are now just goals, but you don’t tell city staff to develop 25 new projects if you have no intention of implementing any of them.

My early concern was that Mountain View’s plan omitted mention of adaptation to climate change, including how to handle the impacts rising sea levels and increased flooding will have on the Shoreline District.  But city staff is smartly paying attention to the issue anyway.

Reliably in contrast, Los Altans were busy congratulating themselves on the construction of a slightly less-awful-than-usual mansion.

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  1. bigdra permalink
    April 8, 2009 2:53 pm

    Yes, NOE left the country (barely crossed into Canada from Washington), but only because Southwest has begun flights to our Northern neighbor. For those of you keeping track at home, NOE has yet to travel internationally and out of the PST time zone in almost 3 years.

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