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Phrases that should never again appear in the Town Crier, Vol. I

March 20, 2009

I’ll address high-speed rail potentially coming to Mountain View, teacher layoffs, and other issues of import soon.  But first, I’d like to direct your attention to a Town Crier article about knitting hats for homeless people and its inexplicable use of the phrase “apple-bottom jeans and boots with the fur.”

I don’t want to be elitist, but I have to wonder whether there might have been a better lyricist than Flo Rida (“Them birthday cakes/They stole the show/So sexual/She was flexible/Professional/Drinking X&O;” “Make it rain/I’m making it snow/Work the pole I gotta bank role/I’ma say that I prefer her no clothes/I’m in to that/I love women exposed”) from whom to use an irrelevant quote.

Speaking of irrelevance, this seems like as good an excuse as any to mention a recent press sighting of our former porn correspondent TC, in San Francisco Chronicle coverage of the St. Patrick’s Day parade:

Asked why he came down, Tim Coakley, 27, of San Francisco, holding a Miller in one hand and a Sierra Stout in the other, responded: “The heritage of the Irish. And a little daytime drinking is always good.”

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