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Meet the new blog, same as the old blog

March 2, 2009

I am back at blog headquarters after an illness, and a fair amount of traveling, most recently with some chick.  The big news is that we have moved, finally, to wordpress, at the behest of Osakasteve.

The move will enable us to easily upload documents and use as our new domain name.  It also, and I don’t want to understate the value of this, allows me to pull a Dean Singleton and make BigDra, SleazE and Happy reapply for their positions at 75 percent of their pay.

The last few weeks in local news have been featured a fair amount of irrelevance and self-righteousness.  Let’s get started:

Upset over their disproportionately high representation at the polls in local elections, Mountain View seniors banded together to stop a teen center that wouldn’t actually have affected them at all.  In reporting on this debacle, the Voice admitted that young people would rather get their news from Facebook than from the professionals.

However, that wasn’t true when the paper ran its first sports story of the year, about the Mountain View girls’ basketball coach’s attempt to motivate (?) her players by e-mailing them a picture of a shirtless man. After the father of one of the (presumably bench) players responded by trying to get her fired because of 9/11 (“I believe this is not something I should have to worry about when I am [in Iraq]”), the other players converged on the Voice website to defend their coach as weird.

Mountain View did have some actual issues to deal with as well, including a $6 million budget shortfall that forced the city to institute a hiring freeze and me to have to come up with a new backup plan.

In other pseudo-military news, this time in Los Altos, Sarge Binkley avoided a jail sentence when a Santa Clara County jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity, sparing him a harsh mandatory minimum sentence.  The Los Altos High Grad turned army officer turned painkiller-addicted robber then pled guilty in a deal with San Mateo County.  Though I wasn’t in the courtroom, the insanity defense seemed like a reach to me, in part because he robbed the store with an unloaded gun (which could have been for safety reasons or simply due to a lack of bullets).  The best way to explain it may be that the jury just thought 12 years in jail was too stiff a punishment.  Binkley’s friends hailed the verdict as a victory for all veterans with PTSD.  This was a fittingly irrelevant taunt to the anonymous commenters on the Voice website who were convinced that the jury should base its decision on their opinions that Binkley was a bad officer.

And, in a month devoid of rationality, we can’t leave out Jane Bindl Oi’s letter to the Town Crier.  Just a month after Los Altos Hills repealed its illegal ban on bicycling around Foothill College, she wrote in to brag about nearly clipping a bicyclist with her car.  The Town Crier plead with everyone to get along.  As far as I’m concerned, they should all be put on notice.

And, in even localer news, the hard copy version of the Wiener Family Annual Letter omitted some sort-of-clever footnotes, and with it, almost all mention of yours truly.  (You can read the fully annotated original version here).

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